Reasons to have Radiant Barrier installed in your home.

Radiant Barrier offers a variety of different benefits:

  1. It is qualified under the EPA.
  2. It can help to lower cooling costs especially if applied in areas that tend to be in higher temps longer.
  3. Radiant Barrier can help to earn LEED points under the NAHB Green Building Standard.
  4. Radiant barrier layering can lower your home’s energy usage by up to 20%. This depends on the R-values of insulation installed, design of the building and etc.
  5. At the hottest points of the summer, Radiant Barrier layering will keep the maximum attic temperature up to 30% cooler than attics with standard insulations.
  6. Thermostat reflects up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat and that keeps it from being absorbed into the attic. In turn the temperatures inside the living areas of a home will stay better regulated.  This enables your A/C system to operate more efficiently.
  7. Thermostat radiant barrier plywood can reduce as much as 50% of the heat that would be transferred through your roof.

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Reasons to have Radiant Barrier installed in your home