Install Radiant Barrier or Attic Insulations and Save Money on Energy Bills

Install Radiant Barrier or Attic Insulations in your home to save on your energy bills month after month.  Energy bills are constantly rising each year. It is estimated that heating and cooling costs make up to 60 % or even more of the energy bill in most American households. These costs rise even higher during the summer when the soaring heat is almost unbearable and during the long months of winter when it’s freezing cold. This is especially so in houses where there is inadequate insulation and either the cooling systems or the heating systems have to work overtime to regulate the temperatures and to ensure that the house is comfortable and fit to live in.
Taking care to minimize the energy consumed when using appliances or lights in your home can help reduce your monthly energy bills. While you can make minor adjustments on the way you operate home appliances, one of the most efficient ways to lower your energy costs is to install radiant barrier and attic insulations in your house. A well-insulated house does not require a lot of energy to regulate the temperatures as it is already well insulated thus able to keep warm air in during the cold season and reduce the amount of heat that gets into the house during the summer.

Attic Insulation

Air usually moves from a cold area and towards a warm area and this is why your attic should be well insulated. When it’s very hot, the air outside tries to flow into your house and during winter when the temperatures are freezing, the cold air outside will try to flow into your warm house through your attic. A well-insulated attic will ensure that the temperatures inside your home remain at comfortable levels and thus reducing the amount of energy used by your heating and cooling units to regulate the temperatures inside your home. This will also significantly reduce your energy bill and save you money.

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier is more suitable for houses located in hot regions and more so when the air ducts or ventilations are found in the attic. Radiant barrier basically consist of highly reflective materials which are installed mostly in attics and they work by reflecting the heat away from the house rather than absorbing it and therefore the summer heat gain in houses is significantly reduced. This will in turn reduce the energy that will be required to cool the house and consequently reduce your monthly energy bill and thus save you money in the long run.  For more information about radiant barrier check out our blog All about Radiant Barrier and Attic Insulation.

Install Radiant Barrier or Attic Insulations and Save Money on Energy Bills??  Yep I think so…  For any questions you may have please call (469)324-9726.

Install Radiant Barrier or Attic InsulationsInstall Radiant Barrier or Attic Insulations Install Radiant Barrier or Attic Insulations